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FlyVPN VPN Client Tutorial


1.Click here to download FlyVPN Client (Full Installer package is recommended),Install and run it;
(If you are using the Executable-Lite version, you can just download it and run it directly)

2.Input your account and password.
(If you haven't got an account yet, you can purchase here or use a Free Trial account).
USA, Korean, HongKong, Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia, UK VPN services available for your daily use.

FlyVPN VPN Client Tutorial

3.If your account is valid, you will see the following dialog.
For All Shared IP VPN users, you will see all the USA,Korean,Hongkong,Japan,China,Taiwan,Russia,UK VPN servers in the list
For Dedicated IP VPN users, you will see 1 dedicated IP VPN Server allocated to you, and have an static dedicated VPN IP.

FlyVPN VPN Client Tutorial

VPN Mode: 
"For All" means all your applications/games will use VPN network.
"For Application" means you can specialize only one or more applications/games use the VPN network, while others stay in the original network.

VPN Type:
PPTP / L2TP / OpenVPN are three different VPN types. If not get connected by one type, try another one. There must be one usable type for you.

Response Speed:
The response time between your computer and the vpn server. The smaller, the faster.

The smaller, the less busy the server is.