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April Fools’ Day Giveaway, No Foolin’! Free 30 Days Flyvpn Account



To celebrate April Fools’ Day, Flyvpn is launching promotions for all of the New and regular customers.

1. New customers can attain up to 35% off. 

2. Regular customers can get up to 60% off.

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Besides, we will start discussion on Flyvpn Facebook page named “April Fool’s Day,No Foolin’!”, asking people to share the best jokes or pranks ever happened to them. We will elect the First Prize (1person), the Second Prize (5 persons) and the Third Prize(10 persons) on the basis of the number that their jokes or pranks are liked.

The First Prize: free Flyvpn account for 30 days

The Second Prize: free Flyvpn account for 15 days.

The Third Prize: free Flyvpn account for 7 days.

*Any other who participates in this activity can get free vpn account for 1 day as well.


1. All that participate in Facebook discussion must like Flyvpn Facebook page. 

2. People who participate in Facebook discussion should share the best jokes or pranks ever happened to them by commenting below the topic “April Fool’s Day,No Foolin’!” and comments below other posts will not be considered into.

3. Due: April.1st –April.6th .

4. We will post the winners on both Flyvpn official website and Flyvpn Facebook page.

5. The winners need to contact Flyvpn online customer service to get their prize.

6. Any other attendants that send email to [email protected] noting the Facebook username before 24:00 6th April(UTC+8) will get reply with the free account included.