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How to Use VPN Mode [ For Appliction]


FlyVPN has a special function,For application VPN Mode.

For application:Only specified application use VPN,others applications are not affected.

You can add/remove application after VPN connected.

1.You should select VPN mode "For application";

For application

2.After VPN connected,You can drag the applications/games which need use VPN to  this list,or right click to add them from start menu;

x64 applications are not supported

For application

3.Ex. add IE to this list,The use VPN is Inactive,You can click "Activate" or "Activate & Run" ;

For application

4.When the use VPN is Active,You can run IE from Desktop\Start menu\the list;If the IE is not use VPN,Please close All IE and try again;

For application