Best New Zealand VPN to get a New Zealand IP


Internet users in New Zealand may have run across the internet censorship and filters that are in place there. Using your IP address, ISPs can run your traffic through a filtering server that may or may not grant you access to the sites you’re after.

With a VPN, you can get around all of these content blocks, and even protect your privacy while you’re at it. VPNs encrypt your connection and give you a brand new IP address, allowing you to access any content you want from anywhere in the world.

Why do you need a VPN In New Zealand?

A VPN is simple software that is available to users for a monthly subscription fee. Basically, once you get your account set up, you’re given access to a list of remote servers. When you connect, all of your web traffic is encrypted and routed to that server.

It gives you access to blocked content by hiding your IP address and giving you a new one, so that you appear to be accessing from somewhere else (ideally without content restrictions).

Thanks to the time zone in New Zealand, players in New Zealand are usually the first to start a new day. This is why players in New Zealand are usually among the first to play the new games, including Umbrella Corps. If you live outside New Zealand but want to unlock Umbrella Corps earlier, a free New Zealand VPN allows you to get a New Zealand IP and thus unlock the Umbrella Corps hours earlier as if you were living in New Zealand.

Best New Zealand VPN

Currently, many VPN providers can be found, but many VPN providers have not established servers in Canada or their servers are unstable. I have been using the New Zealand VPN server offered by FlyVPN for 3 years. You can try FlyVPN, it works. Particularly, FlyVPN offers New Zealand VPN free trial service.

I.Download a VPN APP on your streaming device, iOS, Android, Windows, PC, PS, etc.

II.Sign up for VPN APP. Subscribe to FlyVPN or use VPN Free Android and iOS.

III. Connect to VPN APP.

IV.On the server list, find the New Zealand VPN server

V. Connect to the New Zealand VPN server

While internet censorship in New Zealand definitely isn’t the most restrictive in the world, there are a handful of sites that you may find are inaccessible. Using FlyVPN will not only get you around those content blocks, but give you a level of privacy and security you would never have otherwise.

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