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Why is FlyVPN your best choice for iPhone/iPad?

FlyVPN is the most reliable iPhone/iPad VPN, providing all-round protection of iPhone/iPad devices. You can use FlyVPN during connection with public WiFi for absolute protection of your iPhone/iPad mobile phone's security. You only need to click FlyVPN's connection button to surf the Internet freely. Do not hesitate to use the best VPN for iPhone/iPad and enjoy ultimate security in the network world.

All Features of FlyVPN for iPhone/iPad

Servers covering the whole world

FlyVPN has hundreds of real servers in over 30 countries around the world.  Check All Servers

Private Dedicated IP

A server dedicated to you, private custom VPN service.

No geographical restrictions

No matter where you are, you can enjoy unlimited Internet and guarantee absolute security.

Avoids censorship

You have the right to visit any network content through Windows devices using FlyVPN.

Unlimited data flow

FlyVPN's servers with no bandwidth or data flow restriction bring you real freedom.

One-click connection

FlyVPN is the easiest-to-use VPN for your invisibility on the Internet.

Simultaneous online

Simultaneous connections on multiple devices, Protect your security and privacy in an all-round way.

Supports multiple VPN protocols

UDP, TCP, Sock5, etc.
Connect to FlyVPN on iPhone/iPad by two steps

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