What Can You Do With USA VPN


Virtual private network (VPN) is essentially a secure encrypt tunnel, which encrypt the data on one computer to the remote server. The entire process is equivalently a private network, so people can't track your info through the internet. For example, you are purchasing things online, and you don't want your credit card, E-mail, shipping address... to be known by anyone except the seller. There are many hackers around the world. Protect personal info on internet is very important. How about the USA VPN? The remote server being located inside of America. So Users can get USA IP address to access a large number of American websites, which only allow users with US IP address to access. 

1: Protect Personal Privacy - hide IP, change IP, anonymous surfing

Millions of people who access public wireless networks each day could be the victims of fraud and identity theft, a Sun investigation has found. People can find WiFi in most public hotspots, such as airports, restaurants, shops, schools, hotels and so on. But public WiFi security doesn’t exist in most of places providing public WiFi. Hackers can eavesdrop and wiretap through public WiFi internet connection easily. So, how can you protect personal privacy when you are using public WiFi? The answer, VPN is the easiest way, whichever PC/laptop, iPhone or android smartphone with VPN feature  you are using. Configure VPN on machines then you can hide your IP. Your local IP will be hidden and VPN server will assign a new IP to you, so that people can't track your location and other info. Anonymous surfing is so simple with virtual private network. VPN can also change IP location to any countries in the world. So USA proxy can make users change IP location from  America. 

2: Unblock Websites- USA TV Shows, online streaming, online music

There are many famous TV shows, online streaming, online music and radio websites in America. but you will find some websites is taking internet censorship policies, which will filter IP address not from America. So people who are living outside of United States can't visit those websites. There is a list of websites which don't allow other countries IP to access. Such as Pandora, Last.fm, MOG, Songza, Spotify, Vudu, Turntable.fm, ABC,FOX, NBC, Hulu, Netflix and so on. US VPN can unblock those websites easily. Once connected with US VPN server, your computer will be assigned US IP, so you can bypass the IP censorship effortlessly.

3: Reduing Ping To Play Online Games- DOTA 2, Tera Online, Starcraft, Warcraft, League of Legends, Archeage 

Billions of people are playing online games in the world. There are many different kinds of games. Such as MMORPG, RPG, FPS, ACT, AVG, RTS and so on. Some gamers want to connect to other game servers of some games. But they will find the ping is very high. When you are resident outside of America and want to play DOTA 2, Tera Online, Starcraft, Warcraft, League of Legends, Archeage or other games on USA server, the best way to reduce ping is to use US proxy. Many factors will affect game ping. So please use free trial USA VPN to test game ping before purchase. 

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