FlyVPN VPN Client 3 Specific Traffic Via VPN Tutorial


FlyVPN has "Specific traffic via VPN" feature. So customers can tie applications to FlyVPN. Programs have been added into application list can surf via VPN. Other programs can continue to use originally network.


1: Download FlyVPN Client,Install and run it. 

Please download Pro version. Lite version has no specific traffic feature.




2: Select client language version. FlyVPN client supports English, French, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese currently.



3: Input your FlyVPN "account" and "password". If you haven't got an account yet, you can purchase FlyVPN membership or input free trial VPN account and password.



4:  Click "Login". 



5: Select "Specific traffic via VPN".



6: Select PPTP,L2TP or OpenVPN VPN protocol or auto.



7:  Select region  tab and select one VPN server.



8: Check "Auto Reconnect" and click "Connect".



9: Click "OK" to install FlyVPNBind-*.dll profile .



10: You are now connected to FlyVPN.



11: Click "+add" button to add programs.



12: Select one program and click "Open".



13: Please close the program before double click the program. 



14: Programs have been activated can surf via FlyVPN now.


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