How To Setup PPTP VPN On iPhone,iPad (Manually)


Setup PPTP VPN on iPhone,iPad and iTouch is simple. Follow below instructions to configure PPTP VPN on iOS devices manually.

1: Click "Setting".

2: Click "General".

3: Click "VPN".

4: Click "Add VPN Configuration...".

5: Select "PPTP" tab.

6: Input "FlyVPN" into "Description" or whatever you like.

7: Enter "Server" provided by FlyVPN. Log in and check this page to get FlyVPN server address.

8: Enter your FlyVPN account. Customers who want to use free trial VPN services. Click here to get free trial VPN account.

9: Enter your FlyVPN account password. Customers who are using free trial VPN account, please get latest trial password on free trial page.

10: Click "Encryption Level".

11: Check "Auto" and click "Add Configuration".

12: Click "Save".

13: Change VPN Status to "On".

14: <You are now connected to FlyVPN.

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