How To Use FlyVPN Activation Code


FlyVPN often hold promotion events to release free FlyVPN account activation code to customers who participate activities. Please focus us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, if you want to take part in our activities. Your active participation is highly welcome. It is simple to use FlyVPN activation code. Follow instructions below to get free trial FlyVPN account.

1: Click here to create a new account . 

2: Visit activition code page to use activation code. Paste activation code into blank area and click "Submit" . 

3: Congratulation, activation code have been used successfully . 

4: Click "Overview" to check your membership has been extended.

Note: If you purchased FlyVPN shared IP VPN package. You can use the activation code in your account directly. Register another account to use activation code if you purchased dedicated IP plan and your membership isn't overdue.

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