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How To Cancel Recurring Payment On FlyVPN


Reccurring payment feature is suitable for people who don't want to purchase FlyVPN every month manually. If you just want to use FlyVPN for short terms.You can cancel auto payment yourself in PayPal. Follow instructions below to cancel recurring payment on FlyVPN. 

1: Log in your paypal account. Then go to "My account" - "Profile".

2: Tap "financial info" and "Update" as photo below. Then you will see all preapproved payments of merchants. 

3: Select "Active" to filter preapproved payments. Find "TFFBC LTD" merchant and click it.

4:  Your subscription details for “TFFBC LTD” appears. Click "Cancel". 

5: A warning window pops up. Click "Yes". (Please confirm you don't need recurring payment any more)

6: You have canceled "recurring payment" successfully and no more auto payment with "TFFBC LTD".