FlyVPN Windows VPN PBK File Tutorial


Set up VPN connection by VPN PBK file is very simple. FlyVPN Windows VPN PBK file tutorial is more suitable for people who don't want to download VPN client. Users can configure multiple VPN connections in PBK file. Follow instructions below step by step to setting up VPN connection through PBK file.

1: Crate a new document on desktop and name it as VPN.

2: Change VPN file format to pbk.

3: Double click VPN.pbk file and click "OK".

4: Click "Workplace network".

5: Input "Server Address" provided by FlyVPN. Log in on web and access VPN server address page to check  server address, users who would like to try out VPN service must register an account to check server address in trial accounts.

6: Input the server name and click "Next".

7: Input your FlyVPN username and password and click "Create", but If you haven't upgrade to premium account, please input free trial VPN account and password.

8: Click "Connect".

9: Double check your account info and click "Connect".

10: You are now connected to FlyVPN by VPN.pbk file.

PS:  If you want to set up multiple VPN connections in PBK file, please double click VPN.pbk and click "New...". Users who wanna use L2TP/IPSec protocol can double click VPN.pbk file, go to "Properties" - "Security". Then follow instructions below:

a: Select "L2TP/IPSec" protocol.

b: Click "Advanced setting", select "Use preshared key for authentication" and input "vpnserver" as preshared key.

c: Click "OK".

d: Select "Require encryption" under "Data encryption".

e: Select "Allow these protocols", tick "CHAP" and "MS-CHAP v2".

f: Click "OK".

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