How to create a Nexon Korea account?


Nexon is an international game developer and pioneer of massively popular online games. Nexon was founded in Seoul in 1994 by Kim Jung Ju and Jake Song, Nexon's headquarters is currently located in Tokyo, Japan. Nexon launches large number of hot video games like Maplestory, Sudden Attack, Atlantica Online, Dota 2, Vindictus, Dragon Nest and FIFA 3. Although some Nexon game are released in North America and Europe, some others are only released in Korea, and Korea is always the first region to launch the games. A Nexon Korea account is necessary for players who want to play Nexon games restricted to Korea. This article is about some tips of Nexon Korea account.

Whether your Nexon Korea account need login with Korea VPN

  1. Visit Nexon and login.

  2. Click your account and go to nexon account setting page.

  3. See if your Nexon account can international access, but it need Korean phone number to change it.

  4. If it forbid international access, you need a Korea VPN to get a Korea IP to use you Nexon Korea account.

How to know if your Nexon Korea account verified

Click the menu shown in the photo, see if Nexon account is verified.

How to change password or email

Players can only change password for Nexon Korean account, not allowed to change Email. 

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