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Indonesia blocked more than 800,000 websites. In Indonesia you may face with unavailability of WhatsApp, Telegram, Streaming Services, VoIP and File Sharing Sites. VPN is the best way to avoid online filters and limits.
FlyVPN provides internet users in Indonesia with encrypted secure connection. Your IP address is replaced with anonymous IP address of FlyVPN Servers. Your real location is hidden. Internet Provider cannot spy on you.
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Stream freely and browse any page while in Indonesia
In Indonesia, services such as Telegram and Tenor are blocked; also websites that feature adult content, LGBTQ content, and some political content are blocked. Although streaming service Netflix is not officially restricted, it’s inaccessible to many users.
FlyVPN abides by a complete no-logging policy and allows you to access all services and all websites with no restrictions and without tracing your activity. FlyVPN encrypts your connection and allows you to replace your IP address with an IP address from the geolocation of your choice, so you can securely browse the internet without any concern that the government, your internet service provider, or any prying third party can track you.
Reasons to use a VPN in Indonesia
Complete freedom online

Bypass internet censorship
Enjoy the internet with no restrictions wherever you are. Access any website, app, or social media network by connecting to one of our servers available in 40 countries around the globe.
Fast and secure streaming
Stream any content anywhere in the world with top-tier security, but don't let that slow down your connection. Enjoy blazing speeds in Indonesia with FlyVPN.
Ultimate privacy & Impervious security

Protect your identity
Safely browse the internet without worrying about prying eyes by hiding your IP address. Don't let the government, university, workplace, or your ISP snoop on your internet activities.
Protect any device
FlyVPN works on all the major operating systems, Windows、Mac、Android、iOS、Linux.
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