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Avoid online surveillance, bypass censorship
Back in 2016, The UK Government has implemented The Investigatory Powers Act, because of which they have legalized the surveillance of every single individual in The United Kingdom. All the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and Telecommunication Companies as required keep your activity logs for at least a year. These activity logs include, the domains or websites you browse, activities you do online, and apps that you use for online activities.
With FlyVPN, we protect you with military grade security: we use AES 256-bit encryption technology that prevents malware to enter your device. Our Intrusion Prevention System also protects you from hackers and snoopers.
Access UK content from abroad
Stream UK TV , and British sports live with a VPN
There are many reasons why you may have trouble accessing your favourite British streaming services. Perhaps you’re traveling abroad and BBC iPlayer is blocked, or maybe you live in a country where British live sports like The Premier League,The Champions League  and others are not available. To access British streaming services, you need a UK IP address. With FlyVPN connected, you’ll find that you can bypass restrictions and watch Netflix, movies,live sports,and more with the best VPN streaming service for the UK.
Reasons to use a VPN in UK
Complete freedom online

Bypass internet censorship
Enjoy the internet with no restrictions wherever you are. Access any website, app, or social media network by connecting to one of our servers available in 40 countries around the globe.
Fast and secure streaming
Stream any content anywhere in the world with top-tier security, but don't let that slow down your connection. Enjoy blazing speeds in UK with FlyVPN.
Ultimate privacy & Impervious security

Protect your identity
Safely browse the internet without worrying about prying eyes by hiding your IP address. Don't let the government, university, workplace, or your ISP snoop on your internet activities.
Protect any device
FlyVPN works on all the major operating systems, Windows、Mac、Android、iOS、Linux.
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