Change log - PC



PC client, version:       2021-11-09

What's New:

1. Optimize the interaction of the quick connection function.
2. Fix the problem of blank favorites list.
3. Improved connectivity and stability, and bug fixes.


Version history



PC client, version:       2021-09-17


1. Optimized interaction of selecting server.
2. Fixed client icon on the taskbar occasionally disappeared.
3. Fixed abnormal connection after global proxy mode disconnected.
4. Bug fixes and improvements.


PC client, version:       2021-07-15


1. The framework of the interface is upgraded so that the client can run more stable.
2. Optimize the known interaction problems, such as the server is not selected by default after switching to a new section.
3. We did some under-the-hood work and chased away bugs to make your VPN experience with us so much smoother.


PC client, version:       2021-06-02


1. We fix the problem that the taskbar icon in the lower right corner of the Windows client does not switch status correctly after the VPN connection is disconnected due to an error.
2. We fix the problem that the client will crash when multiple logins and be forced to return to the login interface due to user data corruption.
3. We changed the sorting icon of latency number.


PC client, version:      2021-04-02


1. We improved the function of automatic connection after startup.
2. We fix the display problem of the client's remaining time after the new user getting the free trial period.





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