FlyVPN Premium Account Privileges


Premium Account could enjoy the following privileges.

      1. Premium Account can access more than 150 VPN servers compared with free trial user.
      2. Unlimited access and connecting time when you connect with VPN via Premium Account.
      3. Premium Account has the priority to use VPN servers, which includes: USA, Korea, HongKong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, UK(Britain), Germany, Spain, Russia, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil.
      4. Prior customer service for Premium Account.

Reasons for you to keep FlyVPN premium account

      1. FlyVPN free trial account can be only used for three times one day and each time for 20 minutes. Once kept FlyVPN premium account, no breaking up any more.
      2. The password for FlyVPN free trial account changes every several minutes and you have to keep refreshing free trial page to get the newest password. You may get the wrong password if you didn’t refresh the page in time. Once kept FlyVPN premium account, no refreshing any more.
      3. There is limitation on the amount of simultaneously online users in FlyVPN free trial account. You can’t log in if it hits the peak. You have to keep waiting till someone logged out. Once kept FlyVPN premium account, you can log in anytime and anywhere and no waiting any more.
      4. Not all FlyVPN servers are listed in free account. What if the one you want is not in FlyVPN free trial account? Once kept FlyVPN premium account, you can get VPN servers worldwide. What’s more, FlyVPN can add servers according to your needs and always place your demands at the first place.
      5. Promotion will be launched on both FlyVPN Facebook page and FlyVPN official website. Discounts will be different for FlyVPN new customers and regular customers. Once kept FlyVPN premium account, you are one of our regular customers who will get more discounts.

Above all, why not get your premium account. Upgrade to FlyVPN Premium Account now!