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How To Install VPN Profile On Mac OS 10.6.8+


Install FlyVPN profile on Mac OS is simple. Follow below instructions to setup FlyVPN on Mac  OS devices automatically.

1: Click "Safari" browser icon on dock.

2: Input "" into browser. If you can't access it, please visit "".

3: Enter your FlyVPN "Account" and "Password" and click "Login".

4: Click "VPN Servers".

5: Click "Setup" to install one VPN server or  click "Batch Mode" to install multiple VPN servers. If you choose click "Setup".Please skip "Step 7".

6: Check some VPN servers you want to add and click "Setup all selected".

7: Click "Install".

8: Input your Mac "Name" and "Password" and click "OK".

9: You have installed FlyVPN profile successfully.

10: Click "System Preferences" icon on dock.

11: Click "Network".

12: Select one VPN server you want to connect and click "Connect".

13: You are now connected to FlyVPN.