How To Install VPN Profile On iPhone iPad(Recommend)


Install FlyVPN on iPhone, iPad, iTouch devices is simple. Follow below instrustions to setup FlyVPN on iOS devices automatically.

1. Open "Safari" browser.

2. Input "" into browser.If you can't access it. Please visit "".

3. Input FlyVPN "Account" and "Password"and click "Login".

4. Click "VPN Server".

5. Click "Batch Mode" to install more than one VPN servers. If you just want to install one VPN server. Please click "Setup".

6. Check some VPN servers you want to add.

7. Click "Setup all Selected".

8. Click "Install".

9. Click "Install Now".

10. Enter your iPhone passcode.

11. Click "Done".

12. Check the VPN Server you want to connect.

13. Change VPN Status to "On".

14. You are now connected to FlyVPN.

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