Best VPN for Canada


Canada is a very nice country that hosts many expatriates. However, like all countries, Canada also has its small flaws and spying on the Internet is part of it. Indeed, the country's secret services are apparently not spying on Internet communications and data exchanges, so it is better to be careful when using the Internet in Canada. On the other hand, if you do not want someone to spy on your every move, know that there are tools that can protect you. FlyVPN provides VPN service for Canada which creates a secure tunnel that encrypts all the data you exchange, so that no one can intercept and use them. Moreover, it is not only your computer that must be protected, since all your devices, smartphones, tablets and even your game console, exchange personal information. FlyVPN offers VPN clients for Windows, Mac and Linux and VPN Apps for Android and iOS.

Canada VPN for anonymous downloads

A VPN for Canada not only protects your data from government services, but also guarantees complete anonymity on the internet. The system will hide your IP address and replace it with the IP address of the VPN server you chose, FlyVPN offers nearly 400+ servers based in 30+ different countries. So for an outside observer you will be totally anonymous and located geographically at the VPN server location, so outside of Canada. This advantage is particularly advantageous for downloading torrent files or other P2P protocols. Indeed, the bill voted in 2012 requiring ISPs to transmit contact details of Internet users downloading protected files has entered into viguier on 1 January 2015 and although the text does not provide for sanctions, the beneficiaries have the possibility To attack Internet users individually. However, by using a VPN for Canada, your IP address will not be geolocalized in Canada, so it will not be prosecuted and will not even be counted.

Watching TV internationally in Canada

For copyright reasons, most video-on-demand or television sites are only open to users in a certain geographical area. The television or live television services to catch up on television sites in a certain country are thus only accessible to Internet users located in this country therefore who have an IP address of this country. Now the best VPN for Canada, FlyVPN, offers VPN servers in countries all over the world that will allow you to take advantage of all the services offered by online television sites. The system works the same way for video sites on demand from other countries, or for online gambling servers, online casino rooms or online poker sites.

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