FlyVPN Android Client 14 Day Free Trial


FlyVPN Android Client launched! The FlyVPN Android app is easy to install and require no manual setup. It enables users switch to different VPN servers freely in a few seconds. Users will get 14 days free trial for the first time using the FlyVPN Android app. Besides, you will get 5 days free membership each time invite a new user.

How to download and install FlyVPN Android Client?

Get FlyVPN Android Apk file from FlyVPN download page.

Or get FlyVPN Android Apk file from Google Play Store.

I'm a new user, how can I get 14 day free trial?

Register an account, and login on FlyVPN Android Client. The account will auto get 14 day free membership. Each Android device can be used to get the 14 days free trial for only one account. There is no limit on online time during the 14 days. You can freely connect to USA, Japan, Korea, HongKong and Europe servers.

I want to invite new users, how to get the 5 day free trial membership?

Click "invitation" in the upper right menu on FlyVPN Android Client. Provide your invitation code to other users. When a new user apply the invitation code, both of you would get 5 days free trial.

Where is the FlyVPN Android Client tutorial?

Please get the Android VPN Client tutorial from FlyVPN official site. In the tutorial, it gives detailed setup steps, and how to get 14 days free trial and 5 day free membership via using invitation code.

Can I continue to use FlyVPN service after using up the free membership?

Yes, you can subscribe FlyVPN services. Premium members can choose more well performed VPN servers, refer to FlyVPN server list. Or you can continue to use the account for free trial, but limit to 3 times per day. Online time is limited to 20 minutes each time. 

Which devices do FlyVPN support?

Apart from Android devices, FlyVPN can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS and other devices. FlyVPN can be setup on PlayStation and Xbox as well.

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