How To Use VPN App on Android


We launch FlyVPN App for android now. The current version is We will release other verison later. You can use the VPN App on Android tablet and PC. Follow instructions below to install the VPN app for android and get connected on FlyVPN on your android devices. Please take note the VPN app is compatible with android 4.0+. 

1. Download FlyVPN android App for free. 

Get FlyVPN Android Apk file from FlyVPN download webpage.

Get FlyVPN Android Apk file from Google Play Store.

2. Tap FlyVPN App icon on desktop.

3. Input your FlyVPN account and password to sign in. 

If you don't have a FlyVPN account, you can either click "start to use" to create an account or use the account generated by system (the password is the same as the account generated by system). 

Create an account to get started now!

If your android device and your new account haven't ever got 14 days membership for free, your account will get 14 day free usage after logged in on android as photo.

4.Tap "Invitation" to input your friend's activation code, check yourself activation code and invitation record. 

Input activation code to get extra 5-day free.

5. Custom VPN routes to surf via VPN or not via VPN. If you just want to surf US websites via VPN, you can select ''Use VPN when accessing...'', then pick the region as United States. 

  • Use VPN for all access, excluding...: You can specific traffic into specific region not surf via VPN. Or select ''none'' to make all traffic to surf via VPN.    

  • Use VPN when accessing....: You can specific traffic into specific region to surf via VPN. Or select ''all'' to make all traffic to surf via VPN.    

 6.Tap 'Server' drop-down menu. Then you can see all VPN servers locations. 

7.Tap VPN server location

8.Tap one VPN server you want to use to test speed.

Tap the VPN server to connect.

9.Tap "Connect" button to connect to the VPN server you just clicked.

10.You are now connected to FlyVPN with its android App.  

Tap the button to share FlyVPN。

choose the way you want to share FlyVPN.

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