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How to choose connection mode?

FlyVPN can freely access any website and app by breaking through the network restrictions of hotels, offices, schools, or regions.

(1) Break through network restrictions and review

FlyVPN's servers cover more than 30 countries and regions around the world, no matter where you are, you can easily break through network restrictions and enter the free Internet world anonymously.

(2) Enjoy fast streaming services

Watch Netflix, Hotstar, and live streaming sport online, and enjoy region-restricted website/game/video/music services.

(3) Unlimited network data transmission

FlyVPN servers have no bandwidth and traffic restrictions, support P2P software and BT downloads, While browsing the web, watching videos, and playing games, it brings you a speedy experience that you have never had before.

(4) Ensure your privacy and security

Encrypt your online data with AES-256 technology, even top hackers can take thousands of years to crack, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate security in the online world

FlyVPN has helped more than 18 million users around the world solve Internet security problems.

How to choose connection mode?

FlyVPN currently supports multiple protocols such as Auto mode, Game mode (UDP protocol), Browse mode (TCP protocol), Socks5 proxy server (Socks5 protocol). By default, please select "Auto" mode.

If you need to play instant battle games, it is recommended to use "Game Mode". If "Game Mode" is not available, please use "Auto" or "Browse Mode".

What scenario is the Socks5 protocol suitable for?

A local proxy based on the TCP protocol allows only one browser to use this proxy without affecting other software's use of the default network environment.

How to choose connection mode?

What is Dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP means that the current account is exclusive to this IP address during the validity period, and other accounts cannot use this IP address.

What is a shared IP?

Shared IP means that this IP may be used by multiple users.

There is no significant difference in the network speed between Dedicated and shared route. The security and privacy of Dedicated IP are higher than shared IP.

Dedicated IP is suitable for advanced users who need fixed IP, such as e-commerce and online games.

If you only need to visit Korean websites or games, it is recommended to purchase Korean Dedicated IP packages;

If you only need to visit the US website or games, it is recommended to purchase the Dedicated USA IP package;

Ordinary users are advised to purchase a Shared IP package.

How to choose connection mode?

No need to worry about any problems when using VPN normally. But it is important to note that you cannot have the following behavior:

(1) Abuses when using VPN, such as illegal BT downloads, infringements, abuse of traffic bandwidth, malicious registration and posting.

(2) Attack or scan someone else's computer or server.

(3) Violations of the law

We block or restrict high-risk ports such as SMTP/FTP to prevent certain abuses, please excused.

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