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How to solve high latency and slow network speed?

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How to solve high latency and slow network speed?

Please check whether concurrent connections exceed the number of purchased packages or whether multiple people share an account. You can change the password first to ensure that no one else is logged into your account.

If it is disconnected frequently during normal use, it is usually caused by a high level of packet loss from the local broadband to the server. Possible reasons:

(1) Some small network operators have poor networks

(2) The local network device is unstable, you can try to restart the wireless router, or try other devices with other networks.

(3) Operator network fluctuations or International Internet Bandwidth fluctuations, you can try to change other servers or try again after a while.

How to solve high latency and slow network speed?

It is recommended to try to disconnect the current server, change to another server to connect (the server with smaller milliseconds, the speed is relatively faster) or manually switch to another connection mode, select TCP or UDP connection, if you still have not solved the problem, it is recommended to try to switch the local network.

In general, The server lag is related to FlyVPN server's network environment and the fluency degree of the user's local network to the FlyVPN servers. The lag is not necessarily related to the download speed, as long as the actual use meets the demands of the use requirements.

If you connect with TCP mode, ping requests to any network will not work. This is a characteristic of the TCP protocol, and it does not affect the use.

If you want to play a game that requires a low-latency network, you can use the game mode (UDP protocol) or use the speed measurement function of the client to find a server with a smaller delay value.

How to solve high latency and slow network speed?

IP Query: WhatismyIP

Because of the database update delay of different IP query websites, the query may not be necessarily accurate. It is not recommended to query the IP address directly in the search engine, cause they use the third-party databases.

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