FlyVPN Help Account or password problem
Why can’t I receive the email verification code?

For the problem that you cannot receive the verification email from the third-party website, please pay attention to the following:

(1) Check your junk mail folder.

(2) Make sure that you entered the correct email. If you entered the wrong email, you can change it and send the email again.

(3) If you're not getting any email, you might need to contact your email service provider for help.

(4) If none of the above methods can solve the problem, try another email address.

Why can’t I receive the email verification code?

If you forgot your password, click and recover your FlyVPN Account. Reset your password.

Why can’t I receive the email verification code?

Delete the account will lose all functionality, please proceed with caution!

Deleting a FlyVPN account is an unrecoverable operation. You should back up the information and data related to this FlyVPN account. Before that, please confirm that all services related to this FlyVPN account have been properly handled.

After deleting this FlyVPN account, you will not be able to use this FlyVPN account, and you will not be able to retrieve any content or information you added or bound (even if you use the same mobile phone number or email to register and use FlyVPN again), including but not limited to:

(1) You will not be able to log in or use this FlyVPN account.

(2) The personal information and historical information of this FlyVPN account (including mobile phone number, email address, favorite line, etc.) will not be recovered.

Please note: deleting your FlyVPN account does not mean that the account behavior and related responsibilities before the deletion of this FlyVPN account will be exempted or reduced.

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Why can’t I receive the email verification code?

What is concurrent connections?

Concurrent connection is how many devices your FlyVPN account can connect to simultaneously.

One account could be switched on different devices.

To use it simultaneously on several devices like phone and computer, please buy Shared IP Plan. The price of Shared IP Plan equals the unit price multiplying the number of devices.

FlyVPN supports 1 account for no more than 2000 devices simultaneously.

For example, if you want to use FlyVPN simultaneously on 2 devices for 1 month, the price is $9.9*2=$19.8

How to increase the concurrent connection?

After the membership of FlyVPN expires, you can choose any concurrent connection to purchase.

Before FlyVPN membership expires, the concurrent connection can be increased at any time through purchase on the official website.

For example,

if you need to add 1 connection, you should renew your account with the concurrent connections as '2' for any plan, and your unexpired membership will be converted according the new number of concurrent connections you set and added to your new purchase.

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