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FlyVPN Promotions on International Labors’ Day 2013


--------Reap Harvest on May Day

To express our deep respect and gratitude to all the greatest labors, flyvpn launched “Promotions on International Labors’ Day”.  Triple gifts, pleasant surprise!


1. First Gift: TWO FOR ONE! Certainly surprise who ever ordered (all the regular customers):50% OFF.

2. Second Gift: Certainly surprise who order now (all the new customers):25% OFF.
(More preferences are awaiting you once become flyvpn regular customer).

3. Third Gift: Certainly surprise who don’t ordered. We will start discussion on flyvpn facebook page. You need to suggest the workplace rules on what we should or avoid to do by commenting this discussion. For example, “we need talk less and action more”. More than one rule from you is preferred.

The first prize: free account for 30 days--5 people

The second prize: free account for 15 days--10 people

The third prize: free account for 7 days--15 people

1) All attend this promotion on facebook need like facebook official account.

2) All attend this promotion on facebook need share the discussion we post.

3) All attend this promotion on facebook need leave a comment about the workplace rules under the discussion we post.

4) We will select the winners by the number that your suggestions liked. 


II. Duration

 April 26,2013 to May 5,2013. 

III. Winners Publicizing

We will publicize all the winners selected from facebook promotion. Winners need register one account(premium account) on flyvpn official wesite then send email by the end of May 7 to [email protected] with your premium account, facebook account and email address included. We will email you back after your account has been activated.