How to Play Override 2: Super Mech League with a VPN

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Override 2: Super Mech League is a 3D fighting game with local and online multiplayer modes that is perfect for competitive players, mech fans, or casual brawlers. This newest entry to the series features a fully online Career Mode, improved combat systems, and tons of multiplayer modes. The gigantic robot brawler is Mech-ing a super-charged comeback in Override 2: Super Mech League!


  • TITLE: Override 2: Super Mech League
  • GENRE: Action, Indie
  • DEVELOPER: Modus Studios Brazil
  • PUBLISHER: Modus Games
  • FRANCHISE: Override
  • RELEASE DATE: December 22, 2020



While the game will release everywhere at the same time, some places will be better than others to play. That is because of the lag and popularity of the game. Unfortunately, that can cause a big issue inside your game world. Whether you are looking for a Cyber Truck or just roaming around, the solution is to connect to a VPN in a less busy area. When you do, the VPN provider will re-route you to the area of your choosing. That way, you can still play, but you won’t have to worry so much about lag.


Another reason to connect to a VPN has to do with distributive denial of service (DDoS) attacks. If you are not aware, those can quickly shut down any gaming you plan on doing. Since those are server-based, you can escape the negative aspects of those attacks and play like you should.


How to unblock Override 2: Super Mech League with a VPN?

1.Choose a reliable VPN. We especially recommend FlyVPN for online gaming.

2.Install the VPN and connect to a server in your target country.

3.Open Empire of Sin and play it without any restrictions!


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