How to watch Batwoman on The CW outside the United States

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Batwoman is an upcoming American superhero television series developed by Caroline Dries and Greg Berlanti. The series is set in the Arrowverse, sharing continuity with the other television series of the universe. It is scheduled to air on The CW, where it will air on Sunday nights.

Set in a timeline where Batman has abandoned Gotham City,Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne's cousin, must overcome her demons in order to protect the streets as Batwoman and become a symbol of hope.

How to watch Batwoman on The CW outside the United States

How to watch Batwoman on The CW outside the United States
We are sure that you are looking forward to watching the first episode of the series. But, there is a problem for fans who do not live in the United States. They will not be able to watch the show on The CW outside of the United States due to geographical restrictions.

Do not worry! We have a secret to share with you about how FlyVPN can give you the opportunity to access The CW from any country!

How to watch Batwoman on The CW from anywhere?
We have the perfect solution for all fans to watch Legends of Tomorrow on The CW from any country in the world. Just follow these simple steps and you can access The CW and watch Batwoman:

1. Get a FlyVPN subscription.

2. Download and install FlyVPN on your device. 

3. Connect to a VPN server in the US, visit and access Batwoman and enjoy the first episode on October 6, 2019.


FlyVPN gives you the ability to bypass geographical restrictions and watch Batwoman on The CW from anywhere. Do not hesitate, get a FlyVPN subscription today and enjoy all American TV series.

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