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Counterpart is an American science fiction thriller television series starring J. K. Simmons. It was created by Justin Marks and was the first broadcast on the premium cable network Starz. 

Unfortunately for users from abroad the service is unreachable. Starz didn’t get the needed broadcasting rights for international airing. Therefore are all video contents blocked. Thus to circumvent the limitation you are forced to change of IP address. In order to do so, the VPN is a useful tool that enables us to connect to a VPN server that provides a new IP. If you choose a US server you are easily able to access to Starz, and also to all geo-blocked websites.




How to watch Counterpart on Starz outside the United States?


  1. Subscribe to FlyVPN or use the free VPN service.
  2. Start FlyVPN and connect to a VPN server in the United States.
  3. Access the Starz website or download Starz's app to watch Counterpart on Starz outside the United States.


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