How to Watch Shadow and Bone From Anywhere

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Shadow and Bone is an American fantasy streaming television series developed by Eric Heisserer for Netflix that premiered on April 23, 2021. It is based on the Grisha trilogy, the first of which is Shadow and Bone, and the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo.


Netflix is a very successful service. Unfortunately, for rights reasons, it is not possible to have the same catalog in all countries. For example, on Netflix US, TV series and movies differ from those available on the French version. One way to get around geo-restrictions for Netflix is to use a VPN. FlyVPN works well for accessing a few of Netflix’s international libraries.


How to Watch Shadow and Bone From Anywhere


How to Watch Shadow and Bone on Netflix From Anywhere?


  1. Download a VPN. I recommend FlyVPN because it has super-fast speeds to watch Shadow and Bone without lag.
  2. Connect to a USA VPN server
  3. Start watching Shadow and Bone! Log in to Netflix, search for the series, and press play!


Netflix uses anti-VPN technology to compare your IP address with a list of known VPN servers, and if it finds a match, you won’t be able to watch your stream. Luckily, there are a few premium VPNs that can bypass VPN blocks by regularly refreshing their servers'IPs to avoid detection. With FlyVPN, you can watch Netflix from Anywhere.


FlyVPN has 1000+ VPN servers in 40+ countries, so there’s always an available connection to stream Netflix from anywhere. If you’re not ready to commit to FlyVPN right away, FlyVPN offers a free trial VPN service too. Simply create an account or in FlyVPN client or App, you can get 3 days free VPN for the first time. After 3 days, you can use FlyVPN 3 times a day, 20 minutes each time. If you still have questions about how to watch Shadow and Bone on Netflix from anywhere, please leave a comment.

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